About us

RNDV Holdings is a management company concentrating knowledge and experience of currently 5 companies, to cover a wide capability of ship build and ship refurbishment industry and also industrial and civil sectors joined with logistic service to use for our companies and external customers needs. With more than 10 years of experience RNDV Holding companies carried out large-scale projects of various profiles  in Europe and Asia.



To be the best partners for our customers.


To manage RNDV companies so that the profitability, value and turnover of companies grow every year, in accordance with the goals set by the shareholders.


Customers First: We aim to become the customers’ first choice. Understanding our customers and meeting their needs is the core of our work.

Our People are Our Wealth: Our people are the special power of RNDV. We firmly believe that by creating a safe and inspiring working environment and helping our employees to reveal their best qualities, we can achieve the highest results.

Sustainable Future: We realize that creating a better tomorrow for future generations is the responsibility of each of us and know that the effort from each of us counts.

  • 50+ M Eur turnover in 2020

  • More than 500 projects

  • 1300+ workers worldwide

Additional value services

Training and testing center

Our company gives high priority to professional education and training. In order to keep our staff up-to-date, we have established a specialized Training center that keeps our employees in peak condition, and thus providing customers the best possible services.

Partnership opportunities

RNDV Holding is in compliance with high construction standards and provided complex solutions for the shipbuilding  industry. Our aim is to gain competitive advantage by working with professionals, making our internal companies and our partners collaborate.

We are open to discuss partnership options with current or new suppliers, clients and other partners to create synergy and additional value. We are interested in expanding our portfolio by adding new materials, engineering solutions  that would have a great fit for our land based project or shipbuilding/refurbishment projects. 

Also we are interested in acquisitions of assets or existing companies.

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