About us

RNDV Holding is a management company concentrating knowledge and experience of currently 6 companies, to cover a wide capability of ship build and ship refurbishment industry and also industrial and civil sectors joined with logistic service to use for our companies and external customers needs.

With more than 10 years of experience  RNDV Holding companies carried out large-scale projects of various profiles in Europe and Asia. The company employs over 1 300 employees.

Our mission

We are here to be the best partners for our customers.

Our vision

To manage RNDV companies so that the profitability, value and turnover of companies grow every year, in accordance with the goals set by the shareholders.

RNDV Holding structure

RNDV Group specializes in electrical installation, hull construction in the shipbuilding industry and offers various industrial services ( electric installation, electro-mechanics).

RNDV Industries is a scaffolding company that provides insulation for ship building/ refurbishing and industrial sectors.

RNDV Spectrum specializes in ship interior, refurbishing, pipefitting and HVAC services.

Blue Thor is a general contractor for the electrical installation works in building sector under the AB04 and ABT06 contracts. Blue Thor AB  use synergy of RNDV other companies and  provide full scope of services for electrical installation works: engineering, material supply, project management and manpower solution.

RNDV Logistics provides transport rental and management services to RNDV Holding subsidiaries and external companies. The company currently has over 200 vehicles that can be used as passenger cars or vans for various businesses.

RNDV Statyba is a general contracting company,  specializing in extraordinary structures and cultural heritage ( currently working only in Lithuania). RNDV Statyba is the official representative of LLENTAB in Lithuania. The company offers innovative solutions for industrial buildings, warehouses and factories.