RNDV is a family at it is created by two friends from childhood that grew up with similar values and aims and now as a team leading a company.

“Constant development and self-improvement is in our DNA. We always lean towards sustainable companies that offer both value and great service quality to our clients. We are result-orientated, but we also enjoy  the journey leading to our ultimate goal.”

RNDV Holding Strategy – 2 questions for Shareholders

What is RNDV Holding today? 

RNDV Holding has earned its reputation as a reliable, client-oriented company. We carry out everything from project management to work execution, and we have enough resources to offer the best possible solution for your next project, whether it’s shipbuilding, industrial or civil sector.

We have a team of over 1300 qualified professionals that are constantly being trained and tested.

What is RNDV Holding’s strategy? What advantages does it have?

Our goal is to double our revenue in the coming few years. We’re going to strengthen our positions in Europe by opening new companies.

RNDV Holding has an advantage of making clients feel special. We always seek to show them that by improving ourselves we can later do a better job at the worksite, plus it enables us to offer the best price-performance ratio. We’ll definitely continue developing our Training center, investing into IT and making our work infrastructure more efficient.